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What To Know About Siding Replacements In Seattle

What know about siding replacement

If you've never had a siding replacement done for your Seattle home, or it's been some time since the last one, you may need some advice about what to expect. One of the first things to know about siding replacements, in this day and age, is how advanced the materials have become.

Color fading and cracking used to be a big problem for siding, especially with homes located in the harsher winter climates like Seattle and in sunny states all over the country. With today's more durable materials, like the fiberboard composite siding from James Hardie, you can enjoy durable siding that's warranted against color fading and weather cracking for a lifetime.

Here are a few other things our siding contractors want to share with homeowners in Seattle.

How Long It Takes To Complete A Siding Replacement

A lot more is involved in a siding replacement than one would think, so understand that only a very small job may happen in a day or two. Most siding installation jobs usually take up to two weeks or so, if they're done correctly and the Seattle weather permits. The last thing you want is to rush the project because it's inconvenient, every detail must be taken care of.

Many variables affect how long it takes to perform a siding replacement job. If the old siding is removed first, it will take longer. Also, the new siding materials installed and the type of product used will affect how long it takes. Be sure you get an estimated timeframe from your siding contractor for the siding replacement project you have in mind.

Here are a few other things to know about how long a siding replacement may take:

How Long Your New Siding Should Last

Particularly in climates like ours in Seattle, the exterior building materials of a home won't last as long if it's not maintained. For instance, if you choose to go with wood siding, it's highly important to make sure the wood is kept sealed and protected from the weather. Likewise, the regular cleaning and any small repairs need to be done as soon as possible.

With the heavy snowfall, ice, and salting we commonly do for sidewalks and driveways, the wood siding is exposed to some of the harshest elements. Whether you have new composite siding or a standard wood clapboard installed, know that keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance care is important to ensure it lasts.

With maintenance, new siding usually lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 years but some brands will come with an LTC lifetime warranty. Just remember that the warranty covers defects, not normal wear and tear, accidents, and high winds or impacts that it's not rated for.

The Value of A Siding Replacement

When trying to make a decision about whether to go ahead with a siding replacement, think about the value it will add to your home. This may also help you to decide which siding type you want to install since a more durable composite siding that looks like real stone or wood will add more than standard wood siding.

In addition to real value that you can get back if you decide to sell your home, you'll enjoy emotional and aesthetic value as well. You'll feel great about your home afterward because it now has a fantastic new curb appeal.

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